Turing Biosystems

Turing Biosystems is a early-stage VC-backed startup based in London (UK) and Lyon (France), with a team of engineers and scientists dedicated to our mission to drive the convergence of computation and biology to build better treatments for patients with clinicians and biopharma companies

Turing Biosystems is building a cutting-edge interpretable reasoning AI and software platform to help companies and clinicians to optimize therapies by integrating, analyzing, and interpreting any type of data (multi-omics, imaging, clinical data).

Our reasoning AI is not based on machine learning and is capable to give an audit trail of its reasoning on data and prior knowledge that can be interpreted by clinicians and researchers. The results can support complex decision making in clinical research and clinical trials based on multilayer data available.

Our AI is built on top of our redesigned processors that allow the AI to explore complex questions such as the immune system interactions with the organism and drugs.

Our technology is currently applied in the space of immunology at large, starting with immuno-oncology, immune response to therapies (e.g., cell & gene therapies), autoimmune diseases, neuroinflammation. We are actively working with big pharma (i.e., Sanofi) and clinicians (i.e., King's College and Newcastle Hospitals, Lyon and Paris hospitals).